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Botswana, say hello to Lexware!

Botswana is special, and by leveraging itself on its rich mineral resources and tremendous tourism potential, it has transformed into one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Estimates indicate that Botswana has the fourth highest gross national income at purchasing power parity in Africa, and that it has grown into an upper middle-income country over the past two decades. Botswana can only grow, and as new businesses emerge and new opportunities arise, the need for world class legal services will only multiply. As international law firms are starting to look at Botswana, competition amongst law firms is inescapable. Law firms in Botswana will need to play their best game and increase efficiency. Greater efficiency will allow them to remain competitive and to secure new business in a brutal environment. And this is where we come in. Lexware gives you tools that can tremendously increase the efficiency of your law firm in the new competitive marketplace. From our charming Lexware Billing Pro and its seamless reporting capabilities, to our Lexware Cloud Connect and its rock solid security, Lexware welcomes Botswana to the age of seamless legal practice.