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Malawi has recently taken steps to unshackle itself from a past dependent on foreign aid. New businesses are emerging, and the number of people living under the poverty line has is decreasing. Malawi carries huge potential for growth in agriculture, tourism and tech, provided investment barriers such as poor infrastructure and high costs of doing business are addressed. As Malawi moves into a new economic dispensation, the need for world class legal services will increase. Law firms in Malawi will need to be on the ball, and to compete with the competition that will emerge. Lexware will help you become more efficient, and will allow lawyers to not only monitor their billing with scientific precision, but will provide greater security for data at a time where digital security in law firms is becoming indispensable. With our intuitive case management platform, lawyers in Malawi can save big on human resources and increase their profit margins. Malawi, say hello to Lexware.