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Namibia, say hello to Lexware

In 2013, Bloomberg named Namibia the top emerging market economy in Africa and the 13th best in the world. This is no fluke, Namibia is clearly on the rise. With tremendous potential or growth in mining, agriculture, tech, manufacturing and tourism, Namibia is defying the odds and rising as a powerhouse on the global scale. Investors are starting to look at Namibia with a keen eye, and Namibia has seen an increase in both domestic and foreign investment. With a good climate and a stable democracy, Namibia is a good deal. As Namibia continues to rise, businesses will need lawyers to step up, and lawyers will need to offer world class legal services to businesses in Namibia. Lawyers are going to have to be more efficient, and Lexware helps you to do just that. From our charming Lexware Billing Pro and its seamless reporting capabilities, to our Lexware Case Management platform and its unbelievable intuition, Lexware welcomes Namibia to the age of seamless legal practice.