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Zambia, welcome to the age of seamless legal practice

Zambia is a beautiful country, with a good climate and plenty of natural resources. Since the turn of the millennium, Zambia has recorded economic growth year on year, and the rate of people living under the poverty line is decreasing. Zambia has its challenges, but it is proving to be a resilient African economy with tremendous potential for growth. If you walk anywhere in Lusaka, in Ndola or in Kasama, new infrastructure is being established, and it is clear that Zambia is on an irreversible path to growth. As the true economic potential of Zambia is unleashed, new businesses will need law firms which are efficient and on the ball. Lexware will help lawyers achieve this objective in the new global marketplace, and will transform the legal profession in Zambia into the digital age. With our intuitive case management platform and our charming billing pro, Lexware will help you get the job done.