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Zimbabwe, say hello to Lexware!

Zimbabwe has a very lucrative mining sector, with some of the world's largest platinum reserves in the world. Zimbabwe also has great potential in agriculture and tourism, and the agriculture sector can be revived as source of exports and foreign exchange. In ICT, a report by the mobile internet browser company, Opera, in 2011 ranked Zimbabwe as Africa's fastest growing market, and although growth has stagnated, Zimbabwe has so much potential. As big business descends on Zimbabwe, the demand for legal services will increase. With global legal giants starting to look at Zimbabwe, competition for new business will be brutal. Lexware will be the difference between the firms which new businesses will chose and those that will be left behind. Lexware will help lawyers achieve this objective in the new global marketplace, and will transform the legal profession in Zimbabwe into the digital age. With our intuitive case management platform and our charming billing pro, Lexware will help you get the job done.