Managing a multi-city practice can be daunting, but not for Dube-Banda, Nzarayapenga & Partners of Zimbabwe. The firm is using cloud based case management and billing tools that allow the firm to have all its three offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Masvingo, merging into one large virtual office.

The firm has a rich history of high growth, having been established over 10 years ago, in Bulawayo, and later in Harare and Masvingo. Now with a combined 15 lawyers and over 60 supporting cast in three major cities in Zimbabwe, the firm is taking geography head-on. In just over a decade, DBN Attorneys is already the largest multi-city law firm in Zimbabwe.

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Munyaradzi Nzarayapenga, Managing Partner, DBN Attorneys, Zimbabwe

Through leveraging on technology, DBN Attorneys can now collaborate on cases and share a knowledge base with lawyers in three cities. The knowledge base is an easily searchable and catalogued precedent sharing platform, which is making it easy for lawyers within the firm to collaborate and share information.

The firm is taking its client relationship management into overdrive using the Lexware client portal which allows clients to monitor cases and accounts online.

The case management tools implemented by DBN Attorneys also allow for centralized management of finances and client onboarding, even in its multi-city setting. This is a first for a law firm in Zimbabwe. With the Lexware reports, DBN Attorneys management can assess the performance of the firm across its three offices with just the click of a button.

DBN Attorneys has also set itself apart by making it easy to onboard new lawyers and staff, regardless of location. With the Lexware Case Management and Billing technology, DBN Attorneys is creating a central hub of information on cases and legal resources, all accessible to lawyers in its three growing offices.

The firm is also taking its client relationship management into overdrive, by using the Lexware client portal which allows clients to monitor cases or accounts online, including accessing fee notes as well as uploading and downloading documents. DBN Attorneys can also now securely store important client documents in digital vaults, and share case calendars with clients online. It’s the future of lawyer-client engagement.

With the tools from Lexware Inc., DBN Attorneys is clearly defying boundaries, and setting itself on course to being the widest reaching law firm in Zimbabwe.