Lexware Billing Pro

The Lexware Billing Professional is an innovative computer and mobile software that allows lawyers to seamlessly bill for every minute of their time by creating electronic client files and matters, allowing them to instantly record time spent on a file by creating electronic attendances for work done, even remotely from their smart phone or tablet devices. Lexware understands that lawyers sell time, and the Lexware Billing technology provides an almost scientific approach to billing for legal services, allowing managing partners to access detailed reports on billing and expenses, setting them on course to formulating creative business strategies.

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Lexware Virtual Accountant

The Lexware Virtual Accountant is your new accounting software that allows lawyers to seamlessly create audit ready books of accounts without breaking a sweat. This new innovation from Lexware also offers advocates a virtual accountant, managing cash-flow and preparing audit ready books of accounts. Through its excellent reporting capabilities, the virtual accountant gives lawyers the information they need to formulate creative business strategies, making them competitive in the new global economy. Virtual accountant can be used without any assistance from accountants, setting itself apart from the nearest competitors

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Lexware Cloud Connect

Lexware Cloud Connect is a new innovation from Lexware Inc. which allows lawyers in a law firm setting to upload documents onto a secure firm specific platform. The documents can be uploaded for review by other lawyers or for later use. The cloud connect experience understands the importance of documents in legal practice, and our new technology sets the legal profession on a path to a paperless office. The cloud connect also allows senior and managing partners to monitor the quality of the work by their associates, providing a new innovative way to train lawyers for a new global economy.

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