Leading lawyers Wintertons Legal Practitioners of Zimbabwe are leveraging on technology to deliver value to their diverse clients. Established over a century ago in Masvingo (then Fort Victoria), Wintertons is breaking new ground in using technology to bump up efficiency and to seamlessly deliver value to their clients.

Wintertons is an impressive mix of experience and youth, having lawyers with expertise in various aspects of the law of Zimbabwe. A member of the TAG Law Global Alliance of independent law firms, the firm has been on the pulse of business in Zimbabwe for decades.

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Some of the partners from Wintertons LP, Zimbabwe

Like many international firms with a global client base, Wintertons is now using sophisticated case management and client relationship management tools that will allow clients to virtually access their files and interact with the firm. It's a bold move, and its been a first for a law firm in Zimbabwe.

After more than 100 years of excellent service, Wintertons is now leveraging on technology to push on for the next 100.

Wintertons has legal tech high flyers Lexware Inc. as their technology partner, and they have already implemented the Lexware Case Management and Billing technology within the firm. Recently named by the World Youth Forum as one of the Next 100 Startups in Africa, Lexware Inc. has been at the forefront of legal technology innovation in Africa.

“Firms can use technology to deliver their business strategy, and deliver greater value and reduced costs to their clients - IBA. ”

The work by Lexware Inc. and Wintertons' current trajectory is consistent with the position of the International Bar Association (IBA) on the role of technology in law firms. According to a paper from August 2018, the IBA observed that as clients demand better value, firms can use technology to deliver their business strategy, and in turn deliver greater value and reduced costs to their clients.

As the law profession begins to embrace technology as the future, a technological revolution is already happening in the historic law offices of Wintertons. It is clear that the future of law is already here. Well done, Wintertons.